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Currently there are extremely limited growth pathways for nurses. Nurses must leave bed side roles and specialist roles and take up a limited number of administrative roles that are available, in order to grow in their careers. Many nurses retire as staff nurses or senior staff nurses distinguished services in patient care. Organizations have been talking about redesigning career pathways. The angel initiative will help create pathways for nurses to grow in their careers, and create new pathways. and get into specializations as per their interests.
The training program consists of classroom as well as practical training, such as Internship in hospitals (trainees will be placed for some days in hospitals where they will experience subjects such as use of medical machines, SOS treatments, lifesaving treatments in absence of doctors, and other such trainings).

Courses Offered

Career Tracks

Organising benefits
to our Angels - Our Nurses

There are various committees involved in bringing the Angel initiative to life. The various committees and partners involved in this initiative bring together their expertise in their particular areas for the benefit of the nursing community. Here are the various committees involved in this initiative:

  • Founder's Circle

  • Skilling Implementation and Steering Committee

  • Technology Steering Committe


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