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How We Work
Once the Nurse registers on the Thank-a-Nurse website, she will get a confirmation message. This means that the application submitted is now part of the selection process. Once selected, She will get an email or a call from our Support team for next steps.
The Participant can contact us by emailing us on the mentioned contact details on the Website.
The Participant can email on the mentioned email address on the Website.
The eligibility criterias are defined by the selection committee and it is different for different programs. Having said that, We encourage all the nurses to register on the Thank-a-Nurse website to benefit from this initiative. Also there are free courses available to upskill their respective careers.
The Participant can email on the mentioned email address on the Website.
That depends on the course the nurse has been selected for and on the faculty, if they want to know more about the participant.
There is a clinical or hands-on part to some courses. Receiving a stipend or salary will be decided by the Institution holding the internship. The nurse can have all doubts cleared before starting any program.
It is not for all the courses and for whichever course internship is a part, it can be discussed with the respective faculty. Also it is different with different courses. Most of the courses are fully Virtual or online.
This is a very fruitful and esteemed initiative for the upskilling of Nurses. The nurses are granted a scholarship for which funding is gathered with a lot of hard work. We do not want anyone to waste a seat that someone could benefit from. Being Online, the candidate can learn depending on his/her pace but there is a validity. If the nurse decides to drop the course midway, it should be discussed in depth with documentation. Absconding can lead to downgrading of One's career and future Career growth.
That depends on the specific course as each course has a different duration of completing timelines.

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