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Up-skill in Healthcare, Leadership, Language and IT areas leveraging Coursera

What you'll learn

  • Access to 7800+ Courses and Guided Projects with recommendation on Top Courses to

  • Learn on Healthcare and Technology topics - Health Informatics, Genetics, Nursing Informatics, Digital Health, Healthcare Innovation, etc.

  • Learn on improving Leadership, Communication, Collaboration, Presentation Skills, etc. with Top Courses from Northwestern University, Yale University, University of Michigan, Macquarie University, University of Colorado Boulder, etc.

  • Learn on improving IT and Language skills with Top Courses on Excel, Google Sheets and Language skills coming from Macquarie University, University of California, Irvine, etc.

  • Learners to receive an university branded certificate when they finish a course which they can be proud to share

Sample Certificate

Program Overview

Empower nurses with world class content on Healthcare, Leadership, IT and Language skills through evidence based teaching-learning process

Course Curriculum

Coursera has designed a custom program to upskill Front-Line Nursing Staff, Supervisors and Senior Executives across key areas in Healthcare, Leadership, IT and Language skills.

The selected courses, specializations and guided projects have been recommended based on their popularity and relevance for Nursing Staff

The Nurses will also have the capability to choose Courses other than the recommended courses


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Course Eligibility

Front Line Nurses


Senior Nursing Executives

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