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Interview Readiness Program for Nurses

What you'll learn

  • Ways and techniques to excel in a nursing job interview

  • Effective communication and soft skills to manage patients

  • Requisite nursing skills in various clinical settings

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Program Overview

The nursing profession offers a rewarding and exciting career path. However, finding an appropriate placement to prove your mettle is equally challenging. Despite being technically trained, people tend to get nervous during job interviews, and nursing professionals are no different. When you prepare for an interview for a nursing job, it is important to remember that employer seeks for specific skills and wants to find out how you would handle situations in a professional environment. The certificate program in interview readiness for nurses prepares you with responses to commonly asked questions, that showcase your knowledge, skills, and training in the best light. It also underlines fine points of pre-interview preparation, etiquette, and communication skills that will aid in attaining a successful outcome in an interview. The material of the course is divided into three modules and presented as videos, accompanied by relevant examples and clinical procedures.

Course Curriculum

This certificate course provided by Medvarsity is designed to enhance and update
your knowledge in nursing which helps you prepare for interviews

Module 01: Preparing for an Interview
Session 01: Pre-interview preparation
Session 02: During the interview
Session 03: After the interview

Module 02: Communication and Soft Skills
Session 01: Communicating With Patients, Doctors, and Peers
Session 02: Cultural Sensitivity
Session 03: Conflict Management
Session 04: Telephone Etiquette

Module 03: Fundamentals of Nursing
Session 01: Introduction to Fundamentals in Nursing
Session 02: Daily Activities of a Nurse
Session 03: Principles of Nursing
Session 04: Ensuring Best Practices
Session 05: Patient Safety and Incident Reporting
Session 06: Basics of First Aid
Session 07: Modes of Escalation
Session 08: Medical Nursing

  • 8.1 : Introduction and General Guidelines
  • 8.2 : Recording Vitals
  • 8.3 : Nursing Care in Respiratory System
  • 8.4 : Nursing Care in Cardiovascular System
  • 8.5 : Nursing Care of CNS and GI Systems
  • 8.6 : Nursing Care for Excretory & and Endocrine Systems


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